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ART: Will Barras

will barras 03 ART: Will Barras

Looking at Will Barras’s work is almost like reading Raymond Chandler’s (name drop) novels. They are dark and emotive. They are moving, literally. There is a type of locomotion in both Barras’s and Chandler’s work.

will barras 04 ART: Will Barras

For Barras, the mixture of candy colors and scary, spooky, sinister figures creates something of a dichotomy. The effect of such intermingling leaves the reader wary yet interested. Such fascination with Barras’s work is similar to that of horror movies, insofaras horror movies, like Barras’s work, illuminate human vulnerability.

will barras 05 ART: Will Barras

Humanity is fragile—this is what Freddie, Micheal, the Scream guy prey on. This, to an extent, is what Barras comments upon. But, we don’t view horror movies or enjoy Barras’s work because they exploit human weakness. Instead, we view them because humanity always prevails. Perhaps, this notion of human transcendence is what powers Barras’s work. Perhaps, it is what gives life to the candy colors.

will barras 06 ART: Will Barras

For more, go to: http://www.willbarras.com.


Scott Warfe

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