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VIDEO: The Sweethearts “Burnin Through the Night”

The Sweethearts “Burnin Through The Nite” from OLDE ENGLISH SPELLING BEE

Do you remember the vintage alt rock band of the 90s called Nirvana? They made this song called In Bloom at some point, and I think it is based on some popular television show of the 60s I am not familiar with. This reminds me of that video┬ávia 2k11. It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of the whole cassette tape songs/VHS video….ugh…movement, but I don’t know. The Sweethearts are PRETTY likable. They seem kind of authentic like if you went to see one of their shows it would be really awesome and fun….They are the kind of band I would want to play at my New Year’s Eve party. They seem like cool people to chill with, and that goes a long way. They’re one of the few bands making this kind of music that’s not embarrassingly kitschy and pretentious, and to be honest, watching this video really does make me feel like Burnin’ through the night.

By: Rachel Noel

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