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PHOTOGRAPHY: Alison Brady’s Bunch

alisonbrady photography flowers bum PHOTOGRAPHY: Alison Brady’s Bunch

Alison Brady’s photographs frankly use the female body as its subject. And frank may not even be the best way to phrase it. Her 2009-2007 compilation is witty in constructing (or possibly deconstructing) the home by way of utilizing the female body.

alison brady photography1 PHOTOGRAPHY: Alison Brady’s Bunch

The home and woman are, or rather they were, one in the same. Woman is her home and her home is woman. Separation of the two at a time was unheard of but Brady’s separation is quite like a fierce rip through a bed sheet. She sees these stereotypes and gender constrains and decides to show a naked woman screaming with goop down her body to prove that things should change. It’s quite an effective method to demonstrate the superficiality and perverse fascination with creating and maintaining a home.

alison brady 2 PHOTOGRAPHY: Alison Brady’s Bunch

Even the portraits sections of her website play up the deconstruction of social constructions. By illustrating a live action piece of “classical” work with that person’s mouth full of spaghetti, what is Alison Brady trying to establish about the way in which our world is constructed?

alisonbrady photography pastamouth PHOTOGRAPHY: Alison Brady’s Bunch

alisonbrady photography woman goo PHOTOGRAPHY: Alison Brady’s Bunch
By: Sarah MacDonald

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