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trogons music band MUSIC: TROGONS

TROGONS,  mix the psychedelic rock of Jefferson Airplane with shades of 60s garage punk. Brandishing a pastoral aesthetic with song titles like “Heavy Dragoon,” the lyrics aren’t so much surreal as they are whimsical, ripped from the pages of a Dungeons &Dragons handbook. The lead guitar on “Rare Earth Metals” sounds like a trumpet heralding the arrival of a medieval king.

For a psych band, they keep it remarkably simple– no sitars, no mind-bending studio effects, no extended solos– just jagged guitar lines, soaring female vocals, simple rhythms and swirling organs for good measure. The punk sensibility of keeping the songs short and the energy high definitely works in their favor.

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Still,  they bring few interesting ideas or personal flourishes to this well-trod genre. They’re perfectly capable musicians crafting passable songs, and maybe they’re not trying to break new ground sonically. Maybe they’re content coloring inside the lines of the genre– nothing wrong with that, it’s just not enough to keep me interested.

Then again, maybe its too early to tell; with just one EP to their name, TROGONS might still have something more to offer.

-Justin Lorentz

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