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Mp3: Surf City “Kudos”

surf city kudos released Mp3: Surf City Kudos

Crazy Rulers Of The World

Surf City released “Kudos,” their debut album at Fire Records on Nov. 1.

Formed by Davin Stoddard and Josh Kennedy in 2004, the band has a psychadelic surf-pop sound, with a lo-fi element to it reminiscient of other New Zealand bands. Surf City combines elements of native bands, along with the likes of Sonic Youth, the Zombies, and Animal Collective, to create their own exciting, upbeat sound. They were originally called the Fibs, and then Kill Surf City (a reference to the Jesus & Mary Chain), until they recently changed their name due to an English band with the same name. They have all the right influences, in all the right places.

This is definitely a band to watch. So, thank you New Zealand.

They’ll be touring New Zealand and Australia this January and February. Check out their Myspace to listen to their album.

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