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Mp3: Phone Tag’s Debut EP Look and Feel

look and feel cover

Phone Tag- Let it Go

As 2010 wraps up, everyone is busy analyzing the past year with top 10 to top 100 lists being complied. Although 2010 was certainly a stellar time for music (ushering shoegaze back to the forefront and the whole chill wave phenomenon) I prefer to focus on the future, and the December 6th release of Phone Tag’s EP Look and Feel makes me very hopeful for 2011. The core of Phone Tag is Gryphon Graham (Bodhi Landa and Eliza Walton are brought into the mix for live performances) and his tenor faintly recalls Small Black, but Graham posses a sweeter, more ethereal quality to his voice.

The six track EP mixes it up with both uptempo beats and chilled out tunes, showing the various sides Phone Tag has to offer. Track 2 Only with You stands out for its pop greatness with twinkling instrumentals and steady one, two rhythm. The song maintains a fresh sound amidst the numerous other electro-pop tunes in its innovative instrumental refrains sprinkled through the almost four-minute track. Graham closes the song out with the chorus “Only with You/I can be apart” creating an indescribable feeling of dreamy contentment. Let it Go closes the EP and is the most stripped down, allowing the vocals and hypnotizing lyrics to take center stage. The simple repeating of “I wanna let it go/I wanna let it go” entrances the listener even after the song and EP are long finished.

By: Stephanie Glass

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