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ART: Yee Jan Bao

Yee Jan Bao 4 ART: Yee Jan Bao

Yee Jan Bao’s world is one of oil paints, and a blurred sense of the real and the imaginary. In total, there is a marked simplicity in Bao’s work that speaks of an existence which is not to be over complicated with the minutiae of realism. The result of such simplicity is a labyrinthine of aesthetics and meaning.

Yee Jan Bao 3 ART: Yee Jan Bao

Bao’s work is all Oil on canvas, which is fitting. Oil not only blends well but also veils, creating an effect similar to that created using sfumato. The results are dreamlike, surreal images that tip-toe on the border of a photographic reality.

Yee Jan Bao 2 ART: Yee Jan Bao

The lack of detail is significant, as Bao defies our want of identification. The images are ours for the populating, for the narrativizing (this may or may not be a word). Their focus provides a depth to the experience being depicted. Much like life, we can choose to apply meaning at our own risk.

Yee Jan Bao 1 ART: Yee Jan Bao

For more from Yee Jan Bao, go to www.yeejanbao.com.


Scott Warfe

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