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ART: E. Riggs

e riggs art 3 ART: E. Riggs

E.Riggs is in his head. He might even be in your head. The fact is, his ability to create for us in the real world the realm of the subconscious shows not only a crackling imagination, but the skill to bring that imagination to life.

Riggs’ pieces are snapshots of the psycho-surreal, described by the artist as depictions of “love and loss, desperation and triumph, sacrifice and betrayal, the nonsensical power games humans play with each other and themselves, or simply random thoughts and doodles.” These themes are represented by landscapes awash with color and repeating elements of vibrant skies, clouds, balloons, crumbling artifices and nude figures.

When any artist delves into the “surreal,” a parallel with Salvador Dali is usually inevitable. Whether directly inspired by Dali or not, Riggs treats the blue skies and disjointed nakedness in much the same way. The joy of Riggs’ work is the fact that it is still uniquely his own, born from his own meditations on thought and life.

e riggs art 2 ART: E. Riggs

e. riggs art ART: E. Riggs

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