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MUSIC: Indie pop outfit Cloud Nothings to release new LP in January

cloud nothings gemma harris indie pop 224x300 MUSIC: Indie pop outfit Cloud Nothings to release new LP in January

-They’re from Cleveland. (Whatever.)
-They make indie pop. (Cool, I guess.)
-The frontman is just 19 years old and got picked up by Carpark and Wichita. (I’m listening…)
-They have the lyrical pragmatism of Pavement and the sonic dynamics of Beach Fossils. (Well, let’s hear it already!)

It’s been a slow rise to prominence for Cleveland indie pop outfit Cloud Nothings, but after a slew of 7-inches and mini-tours, the buzz is finally reaching fever pitch.

Frontman Dylan Baldi, only 19 years old, makes wistful, jangly, shambolic pop, and on these new tracks, a different side of Cloud Nothings’ music has emerged: gone is the lo-fi fuzz that encumbered Baldi’s earlier cassette releases and in its place, a crisp, energetic take on indie pop. (You’ll have to thank Baltimore’s Chester Gwazda for that — he also produced Dan Deacon and Future Islands.) And, Baldi’s signature snarl on the latest released track off the new album, “Should Have”, sounds as jaded and world-weary as ever.

Stream Cloud Nothings’ “Should Have” and “Understand at All” off the new record below — they’re pretty much the catchiest ditties you’ll hear all week; and keep an eye out for the LP when it hits the streets on January 25, 2011.

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