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MP3: Jeff Phelps // “On the Corner” (1985)

The oh-so-rare Magnetic Eyes LP

MP3: Jeff Phelps: “On The Corner”

What is it with space-age soul and outsider artistry? Like the similarly bedroom-bound synth dorkus Gary Wilson, Jeff Phelps: A) self-released a home-recorded LP of synthy goodness, whereupon B) it was promptly ignored by audiences at large, before C) it gathered a cult following and ultimately exchanged hands (perhaps with the help of eBay) for ungodly amounts of cash. That’s sort of where the similarities become less striking. Phelps’s record – Magnetic Eyes – is more disco and less polished; it makes you want to cut an elegant silhouette through some dry ice despite it being sung into a cheap Radioshack mic and the whole thing recorded on a simple 4-track cassette.

For the whole Jeff Phelps story (and info on how to get hold of the rest of Magnetic Eyes), click HERE.

Richard Greenan.

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