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Anthony Rother – “Mother” EP

Cover Anthony Rother   Mother EP

Anthony Rother – Mother (Teaser)

German composer Anthony Rother’s recent Mother EP is a continued journey into the relationship between humans and machines. Known for his minimalistic approach, his music is characterized by a harmonious marriage between synthesized sound and human emotion.

The title track is a melancholic remembrance and tribute to his mother and perhaps all mothers. However, listening to it may cause an internal conflict; he uses a driving beat to carry the track but pairs it with a moody melody, sad strings and heartfelt vocal. Due to this juxtaposition, you may not know whether to get up and dance or sit still and feel something deeper.

Four-on-the-floor beats are most commonly paired with uplifting vocals of equal energy, so it almost feels like your heart is being pulled in one direction and your body is being pulled in another. My own mother passed away when I was 13, so the lyrics really hit home in which case the urge to sit still and feel something deeper won out over the urge to get up and dance. Regardless of which part you connect with, it still proves to be another great piece of work.

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