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MUSIC: XL Capris- Never too Serious

XL CAPRIS BAND MUSIC MUSIC: XL Capris  Never too Serious

No, no, not a pair of extra large pants, but a band slowly fading out of memory.  Formed when the 70s gave way to the 80s, XL Capris never really found their niche.  Too punk for mainstream 80s and too mainstream for dirty 80s punk, they walked upon a precipice that only yielded a few singles and two full albums.  It’s difficult to say why some bands stay and some bands go, and why their music can only be found while sifting through the bargain bin at record stores, but as XL Capris firmly establishes, we skipped over something worthy of our time.

With the fierce face of Pat Benatar, lead singer Johanna Pigott lead this ragtag Syndey, Australia group to some airplay across the globe, even securing time on the John Peel radio show, but ultimately it was not to last.  Seesawing between a Dexy’s Midnight Runners jaunty fun and a brand snotty, bubble gum, tongue in cheek punk, XL Capris never took themselves too seriously, which is a large part of their appeal.

Like good wine though some things are best appreciated after a long passage of time, which is why rummaging through those record store bargain bins sometimes yields some of the best forgotten treasures.

By, Alex Huebsch

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