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VIDEO: Grails announces March 2011 album

Grails post rock music 233x300 VIDEO: Grails announces March 2011 album

It’d be unwise to typecast Portland-based Grails as simply a post-rock quartet, especially considering their forays into doleful, droney mania on songs like “Acid Rain” off of 2008’s Doomsdayer’s Holiday. Consider also the band’s associations with drone champions Om and member Emil Amos’ collaboration with experimental folk artist Jandek. For the most part, though, the band makes elegant, slow-burning jams that jump between distinctly Eastern and American avenues of sonic artistry.

Grails has just announced a new album, Deep Politics, to be released in March 2011, teasing fans with a sweeping 5-minute video full of B-roll from decades past: a somber funeral, seaside revelry, and industrial wastelands, all with a nod to Chuck Mangione’s somber hit “Feels So Good”.

Watch the video and see for yourself:

— Francisco Marin

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