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gain reaction music JAN DRIVER   GAIN REACTION (BNR053)

Jan Driver – Gain Reaction (Teaser)

Jan Driver – Mecafunk (Teaser)

Having released his latest EP “Gain Reaction” December 6th on Boysnoize’s self-titled label, German artist Jan Driver has been charged with aggravated assault and battery.  “Gain Reaction is a deadly weapon.  This is the stuff that dreams are made of… at least mine any way.  You see, I’m from the Midwest where Chicago House and Detroit Techno started it all.  It’s quite simply the stuff that makes you shake what’s yours, move your feet and pound the ground; fist pumping allowed and encouraged.

No fancy filters and plug-ins here, just good old heavy beats, bass by the pound, clever percussion and well placed hits.  The single “Mecafunk” asks the question ‘how low?’ while the title-track “Gain Reaction” asks ‘how deep?’ and the answers?  Lower than low and deeper than deep!  This EP has everything, deep bass drums, huge basslines, and snappy kicks, not to mention giant funk hits, rolling percussion, sick side-chain action and Driver’s signature touch.  By the end of the EP the verdict is clear, GUILTY beyond a reasonable doubt.  All hail Driver for continuing to bring that low down dirty funk.

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By Haven Hart

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