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MUSIC: Holy Shit! Ariel Pink’s forgotton side project

HolySHit2 MUSIC: Holy Shit! Ariel Pinks forgotton side project

If your familiar at all with the Los Angeles based Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, then you’ve might of heard of Pink’s  earlier work in the freak rock outfit Holy Shit. In this venture, Ariel pink is half of the duo with partner Matt Fishbeck in a kind of Simon and Garfunkel fuzzy folk rock group.

The atmosphere these songs take on is quite unique, its a kind of distant classic that never was. A lo- fi track lost in the catacombs of time, produced to give a relic like effect. The music is both broken and full of body and strength. The tracks are all Fresh new Familiars, avoiding the freaky tendencies of Haunted Graffiti. This act dives deep into the earthy Folk Rock roots and they do it well. take a listen to their track below.
Holy Shit -I Dont Need Enemies
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