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DOWNLOAD: Space Heater (The Band)

spaceheater pic DOWNLOAD: Space Heater (The Band)

Space Heater – Bus Stop

When I was a younger, I had a crush on this guy….what I mean is I was sort of obsessed with him. He worked at a record store, and had scruffy facial hair and a pink bicycle, he didn’t ride a bike because he was being “green” or anything, I think he just had a lot of DUIs, and he was like…ten years older than me. So, I would talk to him on the phone sometimes, and I’d say, “What are you doing?” and he’d say things like…”I’m out at the bar, being my buddy’s wingman.” and I didn’t really think people said things like that except for in movies with Will Farrell or w.e. And other times, he’d be like…”I’m naked in my bed, drinking red wine and listening to The Shins.” I’d always feel kind of appalled by everything he said, but I just found him really physically attractive. I would go to the record store to stalk him, and he usually wasn’t there, so I would talk to the other people who worked there,who were basically the same person, scruffy hair, median age early to middle 30s, and they’d make a comment about some Black Rebel Motorcycle Club shirt I was wearing, or some Jesus and Mary Chain record I bought and then they’d go off on this tangent about how their favorite band of all time was Pavement or Mudhoney, and how I should come see their band sometime, or come to their house party, which I never did. The point is…People who are of a certain age…like…people who were coming of age when The Breeders and Mudhoney and Pavement were a big deal, they only love music that sounds like that forever. Space Heater remind me of that kind of band. Like….indie rock from the 90s. They remind me of a band that people who work in record stores would be really into, and since those people apparently have good taste, I guess they are pretty good. You can download their Great Suspension EP for free on Bandcamp dot com!

Download Space Heater’s Ep “Great Suspension” HERE

By: Rachel Noel

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