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MP3 DOWNLOAD: Christmas Time with Excepter

excepter2 MP3 DOWNLOAD: Christmas Time with Excepter

Who says there’s no Christmas cheer to be found? Well Excepter has dropped an odd little sampler for us, a Christmas Special that demands some attention. The obvious question is why. I do not intend to sound deragatory, rather it definitely does not seem like the kind of sound that you’d expect Excepter to go for. They drone, they groan, but they hardly sing cheers to the birth of Christ. Yet with all that said, Excepter does a remarkable job taking generic classics, the ones you hear as you stroll through the grocery store, and making them their own. Take Drummer Boy. A seven minute marathon of horror movie chimes and growls about some drummer boy, it strangely becomes addictive as you listen through. Imagine Liars from Drum’s Not Dead or older Bauhaus. A creeping tinge settles on you as you slowly fall into the backdrop. Yet of particular mention is also Chorus of Bells, where they show off more of their electronic side as they echo through a movement both fluid yet guided. Now it’s obvious that this isn’t the kind of stuff for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for a bubbly old time, get yourself All Day, Girltalk. But if you want to celebrate the holidays in a more appropriate manner, one which truly examines Christmas for what it is, one of frequent rejections, cold memories, and fake smiles, then Excepter may just do. So lay in your bed, turn on the stereo, and have a drink. Happy Holidays Everyone.


- Cliff Drake

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