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MUSIC: Cue The White Woods

WhiteWoods MUSIC: Cue The White Woods

White Woods – Sea Sickened

Did you ever take a road-trip? You know the one, the one right after high school. You and your friends load up on some dingy van that has well over 100k miles on it and drive off to some distant location that none of you have gone to. The van putters and reeks as you stare out at the highway, blasting some old tape on your mom’s boombox in the back. Remember those days? Neither do I but if I were to ever make that journey, I’d like White Woods to come along. Psychedelic with force, White Woods wakes you up but in an almost sincere manner. Thunderous yet with a splash of surfer-rock, the vocals seem to whisp over the storm erupting in the backdrop. Of course its only fair that I state that their songs tend to be highly repetitive yet I think that is exactly what works for them. It allows them the option of moving two different directions. One is that it provides almost a haunting atmosphere that drones on, similar to what Deerhunter has mastered. Yet equally as appealing is the live music opportunity that appears wide open before them. This is the cue White Woods. Your music has the potential to make for a sick, on stage, improvisation. Think Built to Spill but with more psychedelic influences. You get the idea. Anyways hop in your car and put it on, go somewhere you’ve never gone before. The Woods are waiting.

- Cliff Drake

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