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ART: Bruno Novelli

bruno 9li Novelli 03 ART: Bruno Novelli

Bruno Novelli’s recent paintings are a departure from the jungly, spiky scenes from the last couple years, void of the Hindu-and-Samurai-inspired figures and primordial fish we’re used to expecting from him. Novelli has instead explored these recurring characters in a more simplified way where their surrounding scenes take a leading role in his 2010 collection.

Novelli’s world, aptly described as “mythological, spiritual” and “pantheistic,” pulsates with lighting against black skies, lava eruptions, flat seas stirred up by violent, jagged storms, and planets fixed in neon, geometric orbits. These paintings call up images of alien writing, runes, and post-apocalyptic landscapes fraught with tension, voltage and futuristic “brains,” indicating mushroom clouds, UFOs, or that scarier thing still – the human psyche. He is Dali electrified, communicating the land of the surrealist turned up to a wattage beyond our imagination. Thankfully Novelli is here to divine it for us.

bruno 9li Novelli 08 ART: Bruno Novelli

bruno 9li Novelli 021 ART: Bruno Novelli

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