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PHOTOGRAPHY: An Pena-Youth and Pus-Eye

pus eye photography laughter PHOTOGRAPHY: An Pena Youth and Pus Eye

Photography by An Pena

Images of youth are probably the most widely circulated in photography.  We’re an obsessed culture when it comes to images of fresh faces, sunny exposures and the display of some kind of emotional high like joy or pure happiness. Why is that we want to capture that carefree essence so much? Perhaps the pictorials Pus-Eye has provided here will answer that question.

pus eye photography bruise PHOTOGRAPHY: An Pena Youth and Pus Eye

pus eye photography desert technology PHOTOGRAPHY: An Pena Youth and Pus Eye

Generationally, there is a common theme strung together with this blithe sensation, which is that of capturing and preserving the youthful experience. The images here are slightly beaten up—even physically—but the basic concept is the same.  The photograph works the metaphorical wheels in our brains to remember such times of nostalgia, bliss and perhaps make us savour the upcoming moments in our lives. The photos here by Pus-Eye do invoke a sense of urgency, a sort notion that youth is indestructible and last longer than it seems.  The harsh truth may be that it doesn’t live as long as we think it does but here, with these pictures, it’s hard to believe that.

pus eye photography girl docks PHOTOGRAPHY: An Pena Youth and Pus Eye

By: Sarah MacDonald

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