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LA Vampires – So Real It’s Unreal

la vampires music LA Vampires   So Real Its Unreal

LA Vampires – How Would You Know Teaser

There are a lot of things wrong with LA, the burn your lungs as if you smoke a pack a day air quality, the bumper to bumper you just want to slit your throat and get it over with traffic, the recently recycled phrase ‘phoning it in’ (I’m going to knife the next person who says it) and the pay $20 for a watered down drink that someone will inevitably bump into you with total disregard and spill on the floor.  But alas, there are some things that are right with LA; notably, the indie scene, specifically, indie project LA Vampires, the brainchild of ex-Pocahaunted member and Not Not Fun Records Co-Founder Amanda Brown.

La Vampires is so absolutely wrong that it’s so obviously right.  From the addictive basement beats and Amanda’s haunting voice to the psychedelic melodies and washed out droning sounds, LA Vampire’s music should come with a mandatory warning label that reads “Advisory: May cause LSD flashbacks.”  If you’re a fan of Pocahaunted, you may not want to proceed with previous expectations, this project is completely different and may be in the danger zone of being misunderstood by some.  It’s a bird. It’s a plane.  It’s something out of Brown’s bag of tricks.

Listening to LA Vampires gives the feeling that Brown just doesn’t care, that she gets up, goes to her basement, calls some friends, grabs a mic, hits record and says whatever she feels like saying.  Oddly enough, THAT is the appeal.  She doesn’t care who does or doesn’t ‘get’ her form of expression.  She shows no regard for how her music will be received.  She doesn’t try to convey some sort of profound message and she sure isn’t trying to change any lives so you may want to join the Army if you want to be all that you can be.  She’s just having fun.  Brown’s new project brings the “self” back to self-expression.  While other artists focus on making music they think will be well received, Brown is busy letting the absurdity flow.  Check out LA Vampire’s new LP, “So Unreal” Featuring Matrix Metals on Not Not Fun Records;  it’s weird, it’s hypnotic, it’s more fun than Chelsea Handler and a bottle of Jack.  If you like it, great, if you don’t…I don’t care…and neither does she.

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