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Aunt Martha: NYC’s Hidden Gem

Aunt Martha silhouettes1 Aunt Martha: NYCs Hidden Gem

It’s easy to respect a band whose members have awesome beards and mustaches. But it’s when the front man and lead singer, Tim Noyes, captivates you with his raw voice and genuine lyrics that you realize you’ve stumbled across something very, very special.

Aunt Martha is made up of Tim Noyes (vocals, guitar), Brian Kim (bass and violin) and Garrett Leahy (drums). They have recently left their home base in NYC to travel the open road in their rival van and play gigs throughout the Northeast. Of course these humble gentlemen don’t ever make their devoted fan base in the big city wait too long for their next Aunt Martha fix. They have been regularly performing at their home away from home, The Living Room, monthly since the summer. Sadly, their final NYC show of the year was on December 8th – but they made quite an impression as usual.

“Diega” started the set off perfectly. The audience responded well to Brian pulling out his violin plucking skills to compliment Tim during the verses. It was a great, fun way to get the crowd ready for what was to come.  Next up was “Wherever You Wanna Go”, a beautifully written and arranged song. It really showcased each of their individual talents, as well as their overall range as a band. Tim started it off sweet and honest, but when Brian switched from the bass to the violin for the bridge, he and Garrett really took the intensity of the song to the next level.

“2016″ and “Bloodshot” continued to give off the mysterious, yet inviting vibe that filled the intimate room before they switched gears to an upbeat oldie, but goodie, “Detroit City”.  And, of course,  they didn’t disappoint during their end-of-the-world drama “Omaha” or a crowd favorite “Neighbor Song”.  Catching “The Lake” live was an intensely satisfying experience. It started off with quiet lyrics and a melodramatic violin. But as it progressed…and the drums hit…and the cymbals crashed, you could feel [and hear] the passion radiating from each of them.

When Tim moved into “Feet” I swear you could hear a pin drop as the crowd was being hypnotized by his effortless charm. This magical song showcased both his unique vocal talents and strong songwriting abilities.  Everyone’s hypnosis was quickly broken as they swept into “Lulu”, which was an amazing close to such an intimate and endearing set. It kept the attentive audience on the edge of their seats wishing that there were still a few more songs to be heard. I think it’s safe to say that their last major show of 2010 was a huge success.

Aunt Martha is so up-and-coming that it’s likely their name might not ring a bell to most. However, I believe them to be one of New York’s selfishly best kept secrets that we are going to have to share with the rest of the world very soon.

If you want to hear what all the hype is about for yourself, check out their previously self-released album Candymaker.  But be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a new release next year.

Trust me and take a listen. You can thank me later.

By: Meagan Scott


“Neighbor Song”

“Detroit City”

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