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Mp3: Wet Wings’ Haunting Debut EP Skin to Soil

wet wings

Running Like a Man

What is in New Zealand’s air that makes this tiny island continuously produce superb and innovative music? Wellington’s Wet Wings can defiantly be added to the cannon of stellar New Zealand music thanks to their debut EP Skin to Soil (Infinity Tapes), a hauntingly breathtaking collection of atmospheric indie electo-folk goodness. Wet Wings’ core contiues the trend of male/female harmonies, and the looping blends of Lucy’s soprano with Darian’s tenor creates a richly full and intimate sound. The instrumentals vary from more electronic, bass heavy tunes like Keep it Together to stripped down electro-folk on Whisper Always (which brought to mind traces of Animal Collective’s Campfire Songs), but the theme of dream-like strangeness threads throughout each of their six songs.

Skin to Soil’s ear worm would have to go the album’s ending track Running Like a Man. It encompasses the delicateness of the group’s sound while still leaving a powerful mark upon the listener’s mind. The song begins with a steady guitar pluck as Lucy’s strong, mystifying voice paints a vision of otherworldliness. The lyrical refrain “Running Like a Man” call to mind images of leafy trees, spotted sunlight, and hazy bodies. The simple, yet assertive guitar hook holds the attention of the listener as Darian’s tenor enters mid-song and the track progresses to a more electronic sound with the added support of the keyboard. Running Like a Man proves an arresting end to a truly unique and noteworthy album. Wet Wings’ don’t have any immediate tour dates in the Western part of the hemisphere, but if you happen to be in New Zealand or Australia the group is playing a series of shows (dates below).

By: Stephanie Glass

Dec 10 2010

Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand: Dux De Lux

Jan 13 2011

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: Bar Open

Jan 14 2011

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: The Workers Club

Jan 15 2011

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: The Toff in Town

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