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Kittens Ablaze to Release a New EP in 2011

kittens ablaze1 Kittens Ablaze to Release a New EP in 2011

It had been months since Kittens Ablaze played live. With band members scattered all over the world working on other projects, it was more than difficult to get the group together in one room, but all that came to an end when they played an acoustic set during this past CMJ Marathon. Since then, Kittens Ablaze have once again been making the rounds in their old ’hood, Brooklyn, and their devoted fans could not be more pleased.

Along with the deafening silence they left in the Brooklyn music scene during their brief hiatus, the band has also undergone some internal changes, too. While original members Tim Spellman, Michelle Young and Jenny Bress still remain, they are now joined by two new musicians: drummer, Ben Bynum and bassist, Colin Kasprowicz. Their new sound is just as excellent as their old, but it’s now somewhat cleaner and a wee bit more refined, as if maturity has gotten its hands on the group and molded them in preparation for a sophomore release.

In 2009, Kittens Ablaze released their debut, The Monstrous Vanguard, and the album immediately fell into the category of a necessary record to have. It danced eloquently between pop and rock, and stood out amongst other releases of the year with its emphasis on witty yet poetic lyrics and string instruments. It didn’t take long before the band garnered acclaim for their songwriting and intoxicating live performances – you’ll rarely attend a Kittens Ablaze show where their fans don’t sing along with both purpose and glee. Before this calendar year is out they will be playing their last big show at Mercury Lounge in NYC along with TabtheBand on Saturday December 18th… go, and you’ll see what I mean.

While another full-length seems to still be off in the not-so-immediate future, the band is working on an EP to be released in early 2011… we’ll anoint this as an appetizer and count the days until we have it in our paws.  In the meantime, you can get your fill by downloading the first two songs “Branches,” and “Glass Moon,” from the upcoming and still untitled EP. Yes, that’s right, Kittens Ablaze just made your holiday that much more cozy and sparkly.

By: Amanda Chatel

Downloads: ( right click and choose ‘save link as’ to download)

Kittens Ablaze-Branches

Kittens Ablaze-Glass Moon

“Wandering Song,” from The Monstrous Vanguard (and cellist, Michelle Young, smashing the shit out of her cello):

YouTube Preview Image
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