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Boy and Bear: With Emperor Antarctica and Beyond

Boy and Bear Boy and Bear: With Emperor Antarctica and Beyond

When I first heard about Boy and Bear I immediately thought, “Nooo, not another band with the word bear in their name!”  I initially didn’t even want to give their music a listen due to that very fact.  But to say you shouldn’t judge a band by its name is an understatement – and I admit I am a fool for ever thinking that way.

So many things are right about this newly established group.  The fact that its members (Dave Hosking, Jake Tarasenko, Killian Gavin, Tim Hart & Jon Hart) were singer/songwriters and front men of their own bands before joining forces is just brilliant.  To have that many talented and focused individuals working together to create one beautiful sound is not an advantage that most musicians have these days.  And when I found out that they formed in 2009 I swear I went into cardiac arrest – it just doesn’t seem possible that any band could pull this amazingness together so quickly.

I was blown away by their debut EP With Emperor Antarctica.  I absolutely love the folky vibe their honest voices give off – all the while mastering perfect harmonies. It’s such an invigorating sound that should be appealing to anyone who has ears.  Each song sounds so driven, yet it all comes together so effortlessly.

My only complaint with their EP is that it’s not a full album – 5 songs is not nearly enough.  But I guess they did it right because they’ve left me [and thousands of others] wanting more.  And we want it right now!

Given that they’ve toured with Mumford & Sons and Angus & Julia Stone, it’s clear that they are no joke.  If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of hearing this musical masterpiece, I suggest doing so immediately – I can almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

By: Meagan Scott


Official video for “Mexican Mavis”

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