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Art: Jesse Auersalo

jesse auersalo 02 Art: Jesse Auersalo

I do not have much opportunity to write about graphic art, and, unfortunately for Jesse Auersalo, I saw Toy Story 3 last night, which might inhibit my ability to think critically (by inhibit, I mean degrade).  Regardless, Auersalo probably needs to no introduction. He has been featured in Playboy Magazine (insert your own Playboy joke here; I’m taking the high road), and has done work for Microsoft.

artist jesse auersalo 02 Art: Jesse Auersalo

artist jesse auersalo 04 Art: Jesse Auersalo

Auersalo’s works are all portraits, as you can see. What is striking about this is that portraiture is a popular medium because it has the ability to directly engage the viewer (notice: the character is staring directly at you) while eliciting a myriad of emotions. This type of work requires a certain intricacy of expression, which could be difficult to capture via graphic design. Ultimately, however, Auersalo’s works are meticulous. The subtlety in the gaze, the structure, and the emotion is rendered to the point of poignancy. In all, Auersalo’s work is able to emote in one portrait what Toy Story 3 strives for in three full-length features.

Jess auersalo 3 Art: Jesse Auersalo

jesse auersalo biogimage Art: Jesse Auersalo

Jesse Auersalo2 Art: Jesse Auersalo

For more, go to http://www.jesseauersalo.com/

vaeditions Jess Auersalo Art: Jesse Auersalo


Scott Warfe

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