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ART: Gustavo Eandi


Gustavo Eandi is an Argentine illustrator now splitting his time between Barcelona, Spain and Mar del Plata, Argentina. His work creates a shadowy dream world inhabited by tubular monsters, precariously constructed buildings and naked women. Much of his work draws upon the familiar dimestore-novel aesthetic that has been
adopted by comic illustrators. There is popping script, there is a sense of suspense and a certain element of the curious. There is a mysterious featureless serpent behind a bowl of fruit, there are several black blobs pouring out of an architectural drawing, “oh dear, what is this fanged thing I’m holding?” Eandi produces a truly remarkable set of images that remind you of what you wish you were (and still) able to draw on your 3-ring binder when you were a girl-crazy high school student.

Article by: Jake Watters

GUSTAVO EANDI ART 11 890x850 ART: Gustavo Eandi

GUSTAVO EANDI ART 121 ART: Gustavo Eandi

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