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Mp3: White Fence- Innocence

WhiteFence Mp3: White Fence  Innocence

White Fence Mr. Adams

White Fence Destroy Everything

Let’s jump into this one: there’s plenty to be said. For one, yes, they are another lo-fi garage act, another one of those acts that seem to be crowding college radio stations and indie blogs. But, more importantly, they also bring something remarkably forgotten back into the mix. Basically it is something that is classic and hasn’t been seen in acts since The Brian Jonestown Massacre, a band which grew, in particular, because of their authentic sound to legends of the past. They are far from two-dimensional: they will take you on a soft, melodic stroll in Allison Road yet just as quickly contrast it with dirtiness and grunge reminiscent of Blood on the Wall in Destroy Everything. Then comes The Love Between, the perfect example of them adding a more contemporary sound to classic, psychedelic lo fi that acts like Deerhunter have subtly integrated as well with it’s haunting vocals and growling organs. Finally, we have Box Disease, a blitz of lo-fi punk that bring The Intelligence in mind with an under a minute burst. White Fence is all over the place yet through all of these experiments, they always have their own sound, a sound which brings me to Be Right Too. A meandering waltz of drunken inspiration, it is both cathartic and optimistic, a perfect ending to a release that flew way below the radar. So next time your feeling bipolar with a chance of alcoholism, consider White Fence as your soundtrack. It can be 5 in the afternoon or 5 in the morning; either way, you’ll see that White Fence simply fits.

- Cliff Drake

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