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Mp3: The Samps’ New 12″ coming from Big Love Records

SAMPS music Mp3: The Samps New 12 coming from Big Love Records

Samps new 12″ pictured above

It’s quirky. It’s far out. It’s spacey without being pretentious. It’s The Samps, an eclectic, strange combination of video games, documentary vocals, and hip hop beats. Now if you haven’t been scared off yet, let me start by congratulating you. Of course it’s a very odd combination of themes, somewhere in-between The Books, Neon Indian, and Bibio. Yet it is this synergy of wide ranging themes that I think makes this music so intriguing. It’s simple yet catchy, layered over and over again with small glitches, twitches, and over-arching synths that not only create a calming, blissful sensation but also does not leave the listener bored, and frankly, up and dancing, making a complete a$$ of themselves through cheesy head bops and overdone moonwalks. At least, I know that’s what I would be doing if I were not sitting in a cubicle, typing this up with tiny headphones slipped in my ears. So take the chance that all office grunts have been anxiously anticipating since the creation of micromanagement: something that is both rebellious, like a shout out loud, and quietly thought-provoking. The Samps have come up with a formula of different new-age classics, eaten and regurgitated in a whole new form. So if you are into a weird combination of new and old, of New Order meets Mount Kimberlie, then The Samps may be your artist of choice. So download it now off their Myspace and Soundcloud and try it on, particularly while you’re alone in your room. It can be our dirty little secret.

The Samps 12″ is shipping in December via Big Love Records

-          Cliff Drake

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