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MP3: Gem Jones

GEM JONES 3 MP3: Gem Jones

Gem Jones – Smokin’ In The Girls Room

Okay you guys, so….aesthetically, I love public access, and TV Carnage, and Saved By the Bell and like…lazer light shows and everything. I also love cults, to the point where, I think it scares other people. My life goal is to get some of my trust fund friends together and buy a scary farm to live on or w/e. When I heard the name Gem Jones I was like hail yeah! This is going to be awesome. I don’t know. I have a really hard time saying anything derogatory about anything because I’m not really kewl, or talented, or motivated, who am I to be critical? But I feel like this whole AM radio, lost mix tape cassette from an early 90s fanny pack time capsule thing is the next BFD….I feel like, as someone who writes about music I’m supposed to be like…you better get on board with this you guys….Jam this in your car, play it at a party, impress all your friends. Get on this before it gets too mainstream. I don’t know. I’m just not really into it. After listening to one song I’m like….”Not really feeling this,” after two songs I’m like….”Yeah, still kind of h8 this,” after three songs I’m feeling pretty bored, and after four songs I’m starting to get kind of mad, you know? If you like to be ironic about whether music is good or not, like…in the sense that the worse something sounds, the better it must be then I guess this whole emerging Screech and the Medium Fries/Gem Jones effed up casette tape movement is pretty spectacular. I think it’s just too advanced for me. Maybe I am getting old, but I am not cool enough to like this.

Gem Jones/Part Time Cruiser Split cassette is available now at CGIFriday

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By Rachel Noel

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