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Mp3: Ganglians “My House” demo

ganglians pic Mp3: Ganglians My House demo

I think I might loveĀ Ganglians sometimes. I’m not entirely sure. They’re a really hard band to write about actually because they’re pretty inconsistent. Even within one album, I’m not really sure if I’m listening to the same band. They are capable of making these INCREDIBLE pop songs like Candy Girl, but other times they make stuff that sounds either like….generic folksy guitar tracks, or stuff that could fit in with the whole crunchy retro 90s cassette tape songs that I’m not too keen on. I feel like they are one of those bands capable of making a truly brilliant album. The kind you have on rotation for an entire year, the kind that is in everyone’s top ten list of 2k____ I just haven’t hear it yet.

By: Rachel Noel

By: Rachel Noel

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