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Mp3: Lê Almeida’s Upcoming EP “Mono Maçã”

le almeida


Not going to lie, usually when I hear the words Rio de Janerio or Brazil I am more likely to think about Gisele Bundchen or Carnival than I am to think of awesome, fuzzed out indie-pop, but Lê Almeida has thankfully changed all that. The delightful Brazil based trio combine all the finer elements of garage rock-pop with their fuzzed out instruments, charming vocals, and upbeat drum styles, but add an extra unique spin on it all with their internationally flavored vocals. Listening to the energetic Nunca Nunca transported me from the billowy draft of D.C.’s winter streets to somewhere impossibly sunny and happy. It proved the perfect pick-up for a blah-infused Sunday afternoon. Lê Almeida keeps things straight-forward with all songs falling just below the three-minute mark, but those few minutes pack more of a punch that is often missing from much longer tunes. Transporpirações is a great stand out track that sees the group mixing their garage sound with some beach flavorings and a bit of psychedelic guitar melding. The song wraps up with pounding drums and a guitar lick that can only be adequately described as sweet before the tune fades out in a perfectly deconstructed manner. Jardim de Tarde provides a nice 31 second interlude that displays excellent musical prowess in a thumping bass line and beautifully crafted guitar hook, which leaves the listener hanging for more. Luckily the previously mentioned Nunca Nunca follows Jardim de Tarde up, arriving in the nick of time to supply the empty pop void. Lê Almeida’s new EP Mono Maçã will be arriving soon on Transfusão Noise Records and their single Transporpirações can be download for free on the site.

By: Stephanie Glass

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