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ART: Richard Colman’s Prisms

richard coleman art ART: Richard Colman’s Prisms

When I see colour spectrums and prisms I am immediately brought back to fourth grade science class where we were taught the fascinating illusions of colour and how they are projected. Richard Colman’s trippy and disorienting art demonstrate a keen awareness of how colour is separated and projected through the prism. These ideas seem to be the focus of his work.

Manipulating colour and extrapolating it onto the piece make for a bewildering scene. It’s as if you looked through a never ending kaleidoscope and here is the place it took you. If you stare at the image longer than mere seconds, the images within the image become distorted and completely different, which is the beautiful thing about making art work that tricks the mind. We may take in the image upside down, have our brain turn it up right for our viewing pleasure but Colman seeks to a kind of topsy turvy viewing instead; allowing for multiple representations in the picture that aren’t seen right away. It is both stimulating and jarring but quite the effect.

By: Sarah MacDonald

richard colman prisms kaleidoscope ART: Richard Colman’s Prisms

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