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ART: Lindsey Gooden and the Women

lindsey gooden collage red riding hood ART: Lindsey Gooden and the Women

Good art doesn’t necessarily need to use dated techniques, still life or figure drawing. Today’s good or great art utilizes what the 21st century is shaping up to be about: digitizing. Lindsey Gooden’s collage pieces are mixtures of digital technique, hand drawn figures and good old fashioned scrapbooking. Together these techniques of creating a piece of something truly creative in nature, celebrate women. Whether it’s Jane Fonda and her hard body surrounded around soft colours and flowers; or if it’s a naked woman with flowers and a carefree spirit; or a Hindu woman keeping her faith, Gooden is recognizing them in her section called Fantastic Voyage.

She is poses a singular, possessive idea onto her work to illustrate the diverse and carefree spirit of the woman. In doing so, she too shows a little bit of herself, why she should be celebrated too, by using a collage and creating something different instead of borrowing or jumping off of stuffy techniques. That in itself demonstrates the uniqueness that is inherent in every woman.

By: Sarah MacDonald

lindsey gooden collage girl ART: Lindsey Gooden and the Women

lindsey gooden collage tarot naked girl ART: Lindsey Gooden and the Women

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