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RETRO: Dark Day’s “Exterminating Angel” (1980)

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Dark Day is the work of Robin Crutchfield founding member of No-Wave flagship DNA with Arto Lindsay and Ikue Mori. With Dark Day, Crutchfield abandoned the frenetic drums and abrasive guitars of DNA for minimalistic, driving synths and ominousĀ  half-spoken lyrics. Originally a performance artist, its not difficult to imagine Crutchfield performing an Avant Garde one-man show with some of his darker songs as musical back drops.

1980′s Exterminating Angel is about as accessible as Dark Day gets. Crutchfield’s particular brand of minimal electronics might be an acquired taste, butĀ  if you’re looking for a particularly dark album with some cold synth textures to match your mood these days ( ’cause man, all this holiday cheer is really getting me down!) give Dark Day a shot.

If you’re looking for more info about Crutchfield and the No Wave scene, check out Marc Masters’ book No Wave, which features sections on both DNA and Dark Day, as well as performance and promotional photos of Crutchfield from the time.

And if you’re a fan and you’re just dying to hear what Crutchfield has been up to these days…Um, well, he’s changed a bit.

Article by: Justin Lornentz

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