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Mp3: Mrs. Magician’s 7-inch There Is No God

mrs. magician's album cover

Dead 80′s

There Is No God

San Diego’s Mrs. Magician might be a fairly new band, but you wouldn’t guess it due to their concise and well-executed surf-rock and punk sound. The group combines the creative talents from a number of former bands and the past experience is clearly displayed on the well-produced 7-inch There Is No God that was released on Thrill Me! Records in October. Mrs. Magician places a modern spin on the classic garage sound, with heavy electric guitars and rocking drum beats. Singer Jacob Turnbloom’s voice combines genuine vocal talent with a cheekiness, heard in lines like “La, La, La, there is no God”. on the short, but vocal driven There Is No God. Turnbloom clearly posses a knack for singing, which he displays through the range of harmonies explored in There Is No God and other songs. His vocals have a slight boyishness allowing him the ability to playfully pull off such lines as the aforementioned one and not appear obnoxious or snide. There Is No God’s guitar riff, although slightly hidden has a snappy surf rollicking melody and plenty of feedback to fit alongside any garage showcase.

The band’s strongest song is the romance-laced Fools Paradise, a drum heavy tune that combines pop accessibility with a dash of feedback. Turnbloom’s voice shines on the refrain “I’ll keep calling, calling you, calling you, calling you”, taking what could easily become an extremely and lackluster chorus into a lilting melody ruminating on the obsessive nature of love. Mrs. Magicians’ other songs further explore the benefits of guitar solos, strong beats, and the joys of youth making them a solid choice to spin at any house party. The group has plans to release their full-length album, Pity Party Animal sometime in the near future, which hopefully means that they will hit the road and share their boyish charm with the rest of us.

By: Stephanie glass

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