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GUEST POST: Sea of Bees on Papercuts

papercuts music GUEST POST: Sea of Bees on Papercuts

Guest post from Sea of Bees:

I remember when I didn’t even think I could ever conceive of  anything further than music. I would drive up to my brother’s and his wife’s house. It was a nice hour drive, I felt numb and was lacking inspiration, until I downloaded a song off of iTunes.. It was random and I never heard of him before… PAPERCUTS “Can’t Go Back.” The song ‘Dear Employee’ was my favorite, I would listen and listen to it trying to harmonize and sing along to it. I felt the drums, I felt the song, but it was what I felt inside.. deep sounds and hidden little truths wanting to be lived out. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but… Papercuts was truly one of my original first loves in music.

But it’s awesome, I am in The Hangar Studios now working on my second album, You wanna know the crazy thing?  Jason the lead singer from the Papercuts is here recording as well. Awesome.

-Jules Bee

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