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Canada’s Newest Contribution to Music: Austra

austra Canadas Newest Contribution to Music: Austra

There are very few bands that can pull off Roy Orbison’s legendary song “Crying,” without making a mess of it. It’s the quintessential break-up song of all time, and you have to be pretty ballsy to take on such a dubious task. Enter: Katie Stelmanis, Maya Postepski, and Dorian Wolf – or as they’re collectively known, Austra.

From Toronto comes this electronic three-member band; and their cover of Orbison’s classic ballad is gorgeous, updated and just as heart-wrenching as the original… but with a bit more kick and a lot more haunting. And while this particular song isn’t on their new release, Beat and the Pulse, the three-song EP is the perfect introduction to Austra. Beat and the Pulse is a layered, complex, sultry and refreshing take on the electronica genre, and the with female vocals at the helm, one can’t help but be pulled into their clutches.

Download the single “Beat and the Pulse,” and go see them live if you happen to be in the NYC or Chicago areas this month. We’re going to assume (read: hope) that a more extensive tour isn’t too far into the future.

By: Amanda Chatel

Tour dates:

04 Dec: Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY

06 Dec: Mercury Lounge, NYC

18 Dec: Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL

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