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PHOTOGRAPHY: Chloe Rose Hayward

Chloe Rose Hayward 1 PHOTOGRAPHY: Chloe Rose Hayward

When I saw Chloe Rose Haywards photography, it reminded me of something other than what it was—something that it can never be, something that I cannot explain. Yet, this response is fitting. As Ansel Adams once said, “A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words. “

Chloe Rose Hayward 2 PHOTOGRAPHY: Chloe Rose Hayward

Hayward’s photographs are enveloped by a sort of nebulous periphery. Simply put, they seem more like snapshots of daydreams. It is almost impossible to describe the feeling evoked by these snapshots because they so closely resemble the lives that we once sleepily experienced. To try to enumerate all that encompasses our lives would be to try to describe all the colors of a kaleidoscope: it would be endless.

chloe rose hayward photo PHOTOGRAPHY: Chloe Rose Hayward

Chloe Rose Hayward 3 PHOTOGRAPHY: Chloe Rose Hayward

As I am writing this now, I cannot help but to notice the shortcoming of the language of this post. Suffice it to say that Hayward’s photography leaves the viewer with a familiar impression. They remind us of our past and all its simplicity and vibrance. They remind us of when the world was still something to be photographed.

chloe rose hayward 2 PHOTOGRAPHY: Chloe Rose Hayward

Chloe Rose Hayward 4 PHOTOGRAPHY: Chloe Rose Hayward

To see more of Chloe Rose Hayward’s photography as well as some of her brilliant videos, go to http://hellochlo.tumblr.com/.


Scott Warfe

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