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MP3: Darktown Strutters // “Baby Godzilla”

darktown strutters music band MP3: Darktown Strutters // Baby Godzilla

Darktown Strutters – (Grab A) Silver Bullet

Baby Godzilla – Darktown Strutters

Ah, it was only a matter of time before this old chestnut was regurgitated by the style-gods: satanic ritual chic! As is expertly demonstrated by Texas’s own Darktown Strutters in the cut “Baby Godzilla”, the indie tropes of unrequited love and worryingly pale skin have been replaced by microwave homicide and puppy torture. The exorcism vocals are nicely offset by some jaunty organ, and the whole thing skips along to the beat of a lopsided fairytale. I wanna hear this one in da cluub, sippin on some bub’ … I mean, sipping on some blood. From a chalice. Obviously.

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Richard Greenan.

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