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This Week’s Past Life: “You’re Not the One Who Let Me Down, But Thanks For Offering”

archers of loaf This Weeks Past Life: “You’re Not the One Who Let Me Down, But Thanks For Offering”

Archers of Loaf: Icky Mettle

1993, Alias Records

I bought Icky Mettle by Archers of Loaf the same day I bought Diary by Sunny Day Real Estate – quite a contrast musically. And while my affinity for Diary went by the wayside long ago when “emo” became mainstream, I’ve still kept Icky Mettle on the forefront of my iPod. It’s so raw and lo-fi and all those things I look for endlessly in not only bands, but people, in general. Yes, it reeks of 90’s indie rock, steeped in that grungy sort of feel – but isn’t that part of the charm sometimes?

Icky Mettle is a rock album to the core, but not without the token ballad, “You and Me,”: “Sister says we can buy it all back at the grocery store/Baby brother really f**ked it up this time/This isn’t fun anymore, it’s not as fun as it was/It’s just the girl in her says it doesn’t matter anyway.” How many times have you wanted to buy the perfect relationship, the unflawed one at the local convenient store; and ideally get it on sale and with a money back guarantee to boot?

So thank you, Eric Bachmann; and thank you, you too, Matt Gentling, Eric Johnson, and Mark Price. Thank you for making an album that rocks just as hard as it melts your heart… you made my teenage angst phase that much more bearable for me (and my parents, too). Kurt Cobain would have been proud.

By: Amanda Chatel

“Might” from Icky Mettle:

YouTube Preview Image
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