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bob myaing PHOTOGRAPHY: Bob Myaing

There is nothing mystical about Bob Myaings photography. There is nothing enigmatic, nothing esoteric. His work defies artistic principles and aesthetic sensibilities. And yet, it draws an audience. But why?

bob myaing photography PHOTOGRAPHY: Bob Myaing

Bob Myaing 2 PHOTOGRAPHY: Bob Myaing

Myaing’s work is interesting in the same way that your friends Facebook pictures are. That is, his photographs immerse their audience in everyday life. They do not pretend to be something that they aren’t. They do not manipulate colors or hide them in black and white. They simply capture life as it happens. Myaing’s photography is a practice in sweating the small stuff, in exploring the minutiae. His subjects are dull and unexciting at best, but that quality is what makes his works so magnetic. Our lives are defined in quite the same undramatic language, but that doesn’t stop life from being beautiful, at least not through Myaing’s eyes.

bob myaing n23 PHOTOGRAPHY: Bob Myaing

For more of the beautifully dull, go to www.bobmyaing.com

Bob Myaing the bucket PHOTOGRAPHY: Bob Myaing


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