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MP3/TOUR DATES: JEFF The Brotherhood “Heavy Days”

JEFF The Brotherhood

Heavy Krishna

I recently underwent a road trip down south where I spent a lot of time driving through the fine state of Tennessee on a highway nicknamed “The Music Highway”. Given the amount of innovative bands emerging from the fair state of Tennessee the highway’s name makes perfect sense. One of those bands is Nashville’s psych-grunge, noise pop JEFF The Brotherhood, the brainchild of brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall. Given the full sound and energy emanating from their records, its quite impressive that it all comes from two dudes, a guitar, and a drum set. Since their formation in 2006, JEFF The Brotherhood have played alongside such acts as Sonic Youth and Ted Leo & The Pharmacists where one can only assume they held their own due to their powerful sound and swagger.

Last January saw the release of their fifth full-length album, Heavy Days that the brothers are now on tour promoting (dates below).  Heavy Days has a more hi-fi sound, while still maintaing the DIY aspect JEFF The Brotherhood is known for. The opening track, Heavy Days highlights the brothers’ strong musical ability thanks to the higher recording quality that doesn’t mask the awesome riffs being created. The track displays the psychedelic aspects of the brothers with its layered guitar riffs and manipulated feedback. The lyrics remain fairly straightforward as Jake ruminates about “heavy days” spent on the beach with pals, the song’s strong point clearly is the absorbing noise being expertly executed on minimal equipment.

Track five The Tropics presents the softer side of JEFF The Brotherhood in its love troubled lyrics and indie-pop guitar and vocal melody. The star of the song is Jake’s superb, melancholy two minute long guitar riff that closes the song out alongside Jamin’s foot-tapping cymbal drive drum beat. The Tropics could easily serve as the standout single on Heavy Days due to its well-rounded sound in both vocals and instrumentals. The next track, Heavy Krishna sees the band quickly returning to their psych-grunge roots with the first two minutes of the song simply encompassing a skilled rapid fire drumbeat and addictive rising and falling guitar riff. The energy being built throughout the song is palpable, reminiscent of driving a car headlong down a highway. The vocals kick in towards the end and follow the Krishna theme with it’s chanting that comes and goes. The high-octane instrumentals are clearly Heavy Krishna’s focus and is what makes the track such a ear-grabbing track.

Heavy Days proves to be an excellent record, with layered sounds and incorporation of varying genres that include straight psychedelic, surf rock/punk, and even hints of indie-pop while all maintaing unique thread that ties it together. The diversity heard on the album makes it a great soundtrack for a variety of things ranging from a road trip, house party, to even a day at the beach. JEFF The Brotherhood are clearly on their way to becoming noise-pop’s golden duo (if they aren’t there are already).

By: Stephanie Glass

Tour Dates

Dec 2 2010

Goodbye Blue Monday (w/ Transistors) Christchurch, New Zealand

Dec 3 2010

The Lucha Lounge (w/ Transistors) Auckland, New Zealand

Dec 4 2010

Mighty Mighty (w/ Transistors) Wellington, New Zealand

Dec 10 2010

Meredith Music Festival Meredith, Victoria, Australia

Dec 15 2010

Beach Road Hotel (w/Those Darlins) Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia

Dec 16 2010

Annandale Hotel (w/Those Darlins) Sydney, NSW, Australia

Dec 17 2010

The Gershwin Room (w/Those Darlins) St. Kilda, VIC, Australia

Dec 31 2010

529 (w/Heavy Cream) 21+ Atlanta, GA

Feb 8 2011

Beachland Ballroom (w/Monotonix) Cleveland, OH

Feb 9 2011

High Noon Saloon (w/Monotonix) 18+ Madison, WI

Feb 10 2011

Turf Club (w/Monotonix) 21+ St Paul, MN

Feb 11 2011

Empty Bottle (w/Monotonix) 21+ Chicago, IL

March 17 2011

SXSW Austin, TX

March 18 2011

SXSW Austin, TX

March 19 2011

SXSW Austin, TX

March 20 2011

SXSW Austin, TX

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