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Mp3: MINKS New album-Ophelia 7″ & Tour dates

MINKS MUSIC BAND Mp3: MINKS New album Ophelia 7 & Tour dates

As the colder months set in (along with Family-centric holidays) so does my desire to listen to The Smiths. But a girl can only listen to Meat is Murder so many times, so thank god for the recent discovery of moody, shoegazey, synth lovin’ MINKS. The group claims Brooklyn as their base, but I could swear from the perfectly shadowy vocals and dark sounding pop hooks that they hail from a dreary steel town (okay last Smiths’ reference I swear).  The group recently released a 7-inch entitled Ophelia on Captured Tracks that shows a wealth of promise of getting you through this wintery months.

The title track, Ophelia, starts off with a lovely strum from the guitar as the faded vocals kick in alongside a steady, uptempo drum beat. The chorus includes some echoed out backing vocals, which provide a more dancey (or at least arm swinging) twist to the song. What keeps the song from being pegged as a rip-off of The Cure is the surprising inclusion of a great little guitar solo mid-song. It adds an almost folk, tropical element and caught me completely off guard. The subtle intricacies that the MINKS pepper throughout their songs showcases the originality of the group and proves that they are more than studied students of the 1980′s Manchester scene. Another killer tune is Funeral Song, a faster-paced melody where the lyrics might not matter much, but the awesome beat and strong vocals surely do. A quick paced drum style punctures the song and the guitar and bass provide a rapidly thumping hook. The epic energy put forth simply makes the listener desire the need to get up and bop around, (preferably in all black though). MINKS are about to undergo quite the tour (dates below) at the moment with the DUM DUM GIRLS and if they make a stop near your home base be sure to catch them, if simply only to commiserate those winter blues.

By: Stephanie Glass

Feb 16 2011

San Francisco, CA: Bottom of the Hill w/DUM DUM GIRLS

Feb 18 2011

San Diego, CA: The Casbah w/DUM DUM GIRLS

Feb 21 2011

Denver, CO: Hi Dive w/DUM DUM GIRLS

Feb 23 2011

St. Louis, MO: Biliken Club w/DUM DUM GIRLS

Feb 24 2011

Chicago, IL: The Empty Bottle w/DUM DUM GIRLS

Feb 25 2011

Detroit, MI: Magic Stick w/DUM DUM GIRLS

Feb 26 2011

Toronto, Ontario: Canada: El Mocambo w/DUM DUM GIRLS

Feb 27 2011

Montreal, Quebec: Canada: il Motore w/DUM DUM GIRLS

Mar 1 2011

Burlington, VT: Metronomoe w/DUM DUM GIRLS

Mar 2 2011

Boston, MA: Brighton Music Hall w/DUM DUM GIRLS

Mar 4 2011

New York, NY: Bowery Ballroom w/DUM DUM GIRLS

Mar 5 2011

Philadelphia, PA: Johnny Brenda’s w/DUM DUM GIRLS

Mar 6 2011

Washington, DC: Black Cat w/DUM DUM GIRLS

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