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DOWNLOAD: Arclight “Meh EP”

arclight mehep pic DOWNLOAD: Arclight Meh EP

I love Arclight and thank God, because Ryan Gabel is one of my very best friends. If I didn’t it would make for a lot of awkwardness and anxiety on my part. I start to have panic attacks when someone drunkenly pulls out an acoustic guitar at a party, or asks me to listen to their music and tell them what I think. I’m not very good at lying, or keeping a poker face about anything, so I am thankful that I find everything he does to be pretty visionary. I like Westinghousing a lot, and I’ve even been known to listen to it driving in my car, that’s pretty much the litmus test for me….is this something I can listen to in my car? I also like the direction his post Westinghousing music is taking on. It’s quite different, and definitely in a good way. The “Meh” EP is three tracks, the kind that don’t really fit the past album, or an album to come, and honestly, the only problem I have with it, is that it’s called MEH. To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t get that description out of my mind while listening to it. It was kind of haunting me. Like…what do you think of this?….eh….MEH. It was given this description before I was really able to think of a better one. I think the lesson here isn’t that this is a bad EP, I like the in between tracks, but rather to be careful the titles you give to your own songs. He should have called it THE TERROR MOSQUE EP.

Download Arc Lights  ‘Meh’ ep HERE

by Rachel Noel

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