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MP3: Melted Toys “Night Kids” Demo

melted toys pic MP3: Melted Toys Night Kids Demo

Melted Toys – Wild Waves

Melted Toys are definitely the kind of band that I would suggest listening to a few songs before coming to a judgement about. They have a bit more of a diverse pallet than you might imagine. I don’t find myself saying, or thinking this very often, simply because this aesthetic is so popular currently, but I feel like they could definitely benefit from some higher quality recordings. They seem to me like a pretty good “pop” band, and I don’t think all the sugary goodness is coming through on their demos. Rather than seeming intentional….there’s a quality to these songs that makes me feel a little bit like there’s something lost in translation. I am definitely into catching a live show, and I will be eagerly awaiting the release of something a little more “put together.”

by Rachel Noel

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