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ART: Agnes Bolt’s “Analog Rozendaal”

All art, to some degree, is imitation. Agnes Bolt has reinvented the way we define imitation and parody. Rafael Rozendaal creates digital art, using webspaces and domain names as his canvas. Agnes Bolt prefers the analog—the real, as she notes, “My projects are rooted in the real world and often deal with real people’s lives who aim to transform themselves into slightly altered realities in the hopes of eliciting humor, mischief, earnestness and sometimes discomfort.”

The video is her reinterpretation of Rozendaal’s websites: www.jellotime.com, www.colorflip.com, www.tothewater.com, and www.muchbetterthanthis.com.

For more by Bolt, go to www.agnesbolt.com.


Scott Warfe

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