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Mp3: Kruxe “Tremors”- 7″-EP in works??

kruxe live

Picture provided by The Dairy


You know how there are some bands you need to listen to a few times before appreciating what they are putting forth? Memphis’ Kruxe isn’t one of them. The moment upon hearing the opening of tropical, electro-pop “TREMORS”, I was already firing off an email to companions about this band they HAD to check out. The last few years has seen a steady stream of musicans attempting to replicate with fresh eyes the punchy catchiness of early New Wave, and Kruxe successful succeeds where so many have failed. Waving the lo-fi flag with pride, their distorted vocals and fuzzed out instrumentals fit right in with the short, punk-pop aspects perfected in their sound. The majority of their songs all fall under the three minute, but each one maintained a slightly different vibe to it, displaying that the trio posses both musical talent and creativity.

“TREMORS” wins as the group’s most upbeat dancey song, while “pet provisions” produces a more electro-punk feel. This is thanks to a faded out snarl and simple, pounding drumbeat. Kruxe mixes up “pet provisions” more straight-forward punk sound with a melodious guitar hook popping up throughout the song, allowing the tune to also straddle the dance-song category. “Voltures” showcases the trio’s rock side, with guitar taking center stage instead of the synth or drums. The song begins with the strumming of  a surf-pop heavy guitar hook reminiscent of New Zealand’s Surf City and proceeds full force with the inclusion of head popping, finger tapping uptempo drums. Kruxe’s nonsensical, muffled lyrics beg for listeners to mumble along as they happily bounce to the band’s high energy sound, preferably with a drink in hand.

One of the premier aspects of Kruxe is their shifting, but consistently well-executed new wave sound. You could easily spin their record (which will hopefully be produced sooner rather than later) at a party straight through without the crowd becoming belligerent at the lack of musical variety. Although Kruxe is currently unsigned, I can’t imagine this being the case for long and hopefully they will produce a 7-inch or EP in the near future. If you are in the Memphis area on November 19th be sure to check out their show with Magic Kids at Hi Tone.

By: Stephanie Glass

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