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ART: Dawn Tan: Art You Wanna Eat

dawn tan homebodies food ART: Dawn Tan: Art You Wanna Eat

Foodie plus arty equals Dawn Tan. Ever wondered where you could get a healthy dose of art mixed with your favorite supermarket brands? Look no further than to Dawn Tan. Tan, an artist based out of Melbourne, Australia, chooses packaging she’s “drawn to” and makes soft sculptures inspired by chip and snack foods (along with a beautiful collection of “illustrated recipes” available for sale online). Tan explains that her reasoning for creating food-related-art is to explore how “packaged food [are] taking over natural, organic food” and how “traditional made-from-scratch meals are now replaced often by instant colourful packaged food”. When viewed in respect to the artist’s statement, the cuddly, seemingly huggable art takes on a more sinister vibe, giving one the sense that these big bags o’snacks just might be taking over the world, snuggly or not, one body at a time. Are we just being turned into walking products of processed non-food? Careful, you know what they say about you art what you eat.

Article by: Pepper York

dawn tan homebodies food 2 ART: Dawn Tan: Art You Wanna Eat

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