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MUSIC: Catwalk Britpop out of Oxnard, California

CATWLAK MUSIC BAND SMELL MUSIC: Catwalk Britpop out of Oxnard, California

Catwalk-Please Dont Break Me

I’ve lived in a lot of different places, and so, every time I hear a band from one of those places, I sort of put their music in context of the city they live in. Catwalk sounds A LOT like one of my favorite bands ever, The Clientele, and the Clientele reminds me of another of my favorite bands Primal Scream, well, their earlier records. Rather than holding this against them, it’s a sound that I really never get tired of, they have to have a bit of an anglophile streak, and I have no idea how they got it living in Oxnard California. A city that combines all of the unsavory qualities of Mexico with a constant stench of rotting sea food. It somehow manages to make living by the beach an cheap and unpleasant experience. It’s very ┬ámuch in contrast to the Catwalk aesthetic which is all old English towns and holding hands on gray days. I really have to hand it to them. For a place that’s 50 minutes outside of LA, it feels like a different country, and they are certainly rising above the surroundings. If you’re a fan of old britpop , I HIGHLY recommend.

By: Rachel Noel

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